image 15 Kind Things You Should Tell Yourself Before 9AM


We all know that starting our day off with positive thoughts can lead to good feelings, which can attract favorable situations and people into our lives. Why not make it part of our morning ritual to speak kindly to our Most Favorite Person in the World (ourselves)? Feel free to come up with your own or choose a few from our list and make them personal to you if you’d like. Totally NOT necessary, but all-the-more powerful if you say them to yourself aloud while looking into the mirror, 3x each. It’s not Hocus Pocus people; it’s the power of the ever-so incredible human mind here at work. Your inner voice creates the world around you, so why not be nice to yourself? Give it atleast a solid week of saying these affirmations to yourself and keep your eyes peeled for positive changes in your life.


  1. I Love You/I Am Loved: Love yourself for who you are. Forget who you are not.
  2. I Am Beautiful: You are a beautiful soul who shines bright for all to see.
  3. I Am Healthy: A healthy outside starts inside.
  4. I Am Deserving: Because you are deserving of all things wonderful!
  5. I Am Worthy: Your self-worth comes from your thoughts.
  6. I Am Perfect: You accept yourself fully as you are.IMG-whyfomo-perfect-quote (via
  7. I Am Happy: Because you choose to be.
  8. I Am Blessed: Count those beautiful blessings!
  9. I Am Confident: Confidence gives you the power to conquer the world.
  10. I Am Grateful: A moment of gratitude makes a difference in you attitude.IMG-whyfomo-grateful-quote(via
  11. I Am Powerful/Strong: I am strong beyond belief; I am powerful beyond measure.
  12. I Am Positive: Doubt can’t exist where positivity overflows.
  13. I Am Determined: You CAN do this!
  14. I Am Courageous: Have courage & be kind.
  15. I Am Hopeful: Hope is a way of turning dreams into reality.IMG-whyfomo-courage-quote(via

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