18 Sexy Acro-Yoga Poses You Can Do To Connect With Your Partner

If Acrobatics and Yoga had a baby this would be it! AcroYoga.org: “AcroYoga blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of healing arts. These three lineages form the foundation of a practice that cultivates trust, playfulness, and community.”

According to mindbodygreen.com, “The practice of AcroYoga is split into two parts, Acrobatic (Solar) and Therapeutic (Lunar). Each position explores the relationship between the mover and the one being moved. In the Solar practice, participants learn three different roles: Base (mover), Flyer (being moved), and Spotter (knowledge of both). Lunar theraputics embraces the deeply healing connection to metta—loving kindness. Here, the Giver is the mover, and the Receiver is the one being moved. Balance is the midpoint between extremes, so it’s best to explore this from all sides to know where your grounded passion truly lies.”

Acro-Yoga has positions for people of all size, strength, and skill level. Remember that technique is more important than strength and height. Start small and work up your balance. Have FUN!

I’m calling It “The Bow & Arrow”

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Naming it, “Kiss The Miss”

“Toes To the Sky”

Calling it “The Mountain Climber”

I call it, “The Swan Diver”


“Over My Head”

I call it, “Love On The Run”

“Fly High”

“The Praying Mantis”

Calling it, “Fly Me To The Moon”

“Splits To The Sky”

“The Praying Mantis” (Same as above only this is the view from the other side)

I’m naming this move, “The Conductor”

I call it, “The Floating Head-Stand”

“Yin & Yang”

#AcroYogaFest Day 2⃣ Straddle Throne presented by @JasonNemer who shows you his lifelong love for #AcroYoga in this post! A real #AyLifestyle makes flying accessible to everyone. Anyone and their mother can do it! This is a great pose for beginners, this is my Mom flying! She was scared but fear is just trapped joy, she converted fast! 1⃣ Flyer starts close to base, both connect with a reverse hand to hand grip. Flyer has their feet apart and toes pointed out, base has their soft feet at about mid thigh. 2⃣ With eye contact and a deep breath, on the exhale the flyer leans forward with straight arms. Base receives the flyer by bending their arms and legs until the flyers center of gravity is over the bases center. 3⃣ The flyer hooks their legs around the front of the bases legs then sits up. To help the flyer sit up the base straightens the arms and can bend their legs. Any of you going to fly your family of new people to the practice? 

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“The Straddle Throne”

I call it, “The Water-Fall”

DO try these at home. DO be careful. DO connect with your partner.
I made up names for these techniques for shits & gigs, so if you know the actual names feel free to comment them below.

Love & Light!

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