5 Simple Hacks to Getting Any Woman You Desire. You’re Kidding Right?


How to attract the opposite sex?  It’s the million-dollar question right? Wouldn’t you just love to have women flocking to you, finding you incredibly irresistible? And no, I’m not talking about Axe Body Spray. Is it really possible to know what women want? If you’re anything like most men reading this, you probably feel somewhat lost trying to navigate or even comprehend a female’s mating logic. And if you try the direct approach in asking a woman what she finds attractive in a man, she will likely give you a lengthy list of traits she thinks she finds attractive.

Does she even realize what magnetically draws her to a guy that she meets when she’s out with her gal pals? When it comes to male selection you’re probably thinking that it has everything to do with looks, money, and swagger right? Well unless you’re Magic Mike, and you’ve got it all, then you’ll be interested in hearing what we’re about to tell you. Whether you are looking for your future wifey, a fun girlfriend, or just interested in hooking up more, we’ll share with you these 5 simple secrets for attracting any woman you desire.

Who wouldn’t want to go out and be flirted with by the stunning Jennifer Aniston’s or Megan Fox’s of the world?  With that being said, attracting a woman does not necessarily mean getting them in bed or getting a ring on their finger, but it does spark a connection that (if played out right) can lead to a fun date and possibly a lifetime of happiness with your true love.

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1. Above All Be Yourself: I know this sounds cliché’ and all but seriously you have to be you.  Women are impeccably good at reading body language and, trust me, they can tell if you’re deceiving them.  First impressions are important and you don’t want to be labeled “un-trustworthy” by the woman you’re trying to attract. Definitely don’t try to use cheesy pick-up lines like Netflicks & Chill, or Hey there beautiful what’s your name? If you aren’t being true to yourself then she’s sure to notice at some point, if not right away, and no amount of watching re-runs of The Pick-up Artist will get you out of the friend-zone. Be proud of who you are. The first step to getting someone else to believe you is believing yourself.


2. Be Confident: Nothing speaks volumes like confidence. When a man lacks confidence in himself women notice right away. Women are looking for a sense of self-pride and dominance.  If you look confidently into her eyes with matching body language (shoulders back, chin up, smile, prolonged eye contact) it shows that you value your own self, which tells her that she should as well.  Confidence also shows that you’re a natural born leader, which is something women subconsciously look for in men. Your confidence has to be organic. Don’t pretend to be over-confident or she will notice and find it unattractive or egotistical. Even your posture and approach can tell a woman how needy you are.

When you approach a hottie for the first time, whether it’s to dance or just make yourself known, it’s best to come in from an angle and stand at an angle rather than come up from behind her or be too in-her-face.  Coming up from behind can make you seem like a predator and make her feel threatened. And being too in-her-face and in-her-space can make you seem too needy and will get you friend zoned before you buy her first drink. This could make her feel suffocated before even getting to know you.  Not good.  Often a woman has already pre-selected the men in the room that she wants to flirt with based on biological factors.  Wouldn’t you like to have the confidence to be one of them?


3. Pay Attention:  Most guys wonder why they’ve been friend zoned but they never paid a lick of attention to the signals from the women who put them there. Get to know the signs. Is she flirting with you or just being nice? Besides just staring into her eyes and focusing on her lips while she talks, subconsciously making her think about sex, you also need to listen to what she says. Don’t get so mesmerized by her lips that you end up looking like a fool, not realizing that she isn’t interested in you.

Take notice if she hints at things like her current relationship struggles, or that she’s on the prowl for a new guy.  Also pay attention to her body language to know if she’s flirting with you: is she pulling her hair back revealing her neck, raising her eyebrows while making eye contact with you, and moving her body or lips in a more seductive way? Not every woman flirts the same exact way so it’s important to pay attention to her expressions and her subtle movements.


4. Be Desirable: Have the confidence to know that you are desired by women of all kinds. You want to showcase your confidence in a way that tells her that women want YOU. A little competition here is a good thing because it helps her find you more attractive if she thinks that she’s not the only one who has her eyes on you. And it also gives the illusion that if she doesn’t act then she may miss out on this newfound gem- YOU! Which could really be the truth with this new aura of confidence you’ve been giving off. But seriously, BEWARE: She will know if you are lying to her! Women can smell a phony from a mile away.

You need to have the confidence to legitimately believe that lots of women are attracted to you. And I don’t just mean your looks either.  I mean YOU!  You’re almost ready to get out there now! You just need a few more tips from men just like you, who have been there, and can walk you through the steps to recognizing these signs in women. Once you learn the actions you can take when you start noticing these subtle hints, you’ll be well on your way to your next fantasy girl.

Once you start reading women, the same way they read men, the picture will become very clear to you. You will have a sudden ah-ha moment where you will realize EXACTLY what you have been missing this ENTIRE time. Those little things you looked past because you didn’t think they were important to remember. Right away women will start noticing your confidence and how easily you read them (which they will love), and this will automatically build your confidence with women.

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5. Educate Yourself: Seriously. Read e-books, articles etc., watch videos, listen to women (haha), but mostly watch how other guys are out there winning right now and learn all their secrets. Observe them in action and try to witness the experience through their eyes. Then, put yourself in the woman’s shoes.  Try to imagine what she’s thinking as you see the man approach her and strike up convo. You will start to notice subtle body language & other psychological triggers that seem like reoccurring patterns over time. Read some literature on the subject of Female Psychology and you will really start to understand women better. This could help you in almost ALL aspects of life, including relationships with your mom, daughter, sister, neighbor and the list goes on…

Watch videos of real live men just like you and learn from example, and then give it a shot in the real world.  Who really cares if you think you made an jackass of yourself once or twice, atleast you’re learning. You can get swarms of information on the internet about how to attract women and how to be more desirable. You can watch their videos and read their blogs right now to get more ideas.

One expert on this subject Joshua Pellicer and his group of students, or badass pick-up artists, have a happening program based on his secrets and hacks to making yourself desirable to any woman.  Appropriately called The Tao of Badass, Joshua and his crew have been featured on the The Today Show (video below).  He’s been interviewed by The NY Times, NY Daily News, The Associated Press, The New York Press, and The Baltimore Sun.  He has some interesting ideas, one of which he calls “The Art of Charm” School where he teaches the traditional male lessons. Joshua says, “It’s a fairly important subject that too often goes untaught to our young people.”  For $67 you get an entire study course made by guys like you, including lots of advanced training videos, an e-book, and a 5 week body language master course online.  And they even offer a 60 day money back guarantee if you’re still struggling to pick-up A-Class hotties. TO BECOME THE BADASS YOU KNOW YOU ARE———->>>>>Click Here!

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