image 6 Tips For Transcending #BlueMonday Into The Best Day Of The Year

What’s all this buzz about #BlueMonday anyhow? Is it really “The Most Depressing Day of TheYear?” How sad. I know it’s dark and cold (here in Alaska), but is it really that depressing? But who came up with this label? A researcher named Cliff Arnall in 2005, that’s who.” After adding together multiple variables, he proposed the idea that the third Monday in January is the most depressing day of the year,” according to Larry Shushansky, a Rhode Island therapist, who argues, “To have not seen any real scientific research to prove this.”

According to, “Morgan Johnson, research director for the Monday Campaigns (a non-profit health initiative), says Monday can actually be the healthiest day of the week. Johnson and colleagues found that there is a surge in Google query volume of health information-seeking behaviors on Mondays. People see an opportunity to utilize Monday as a fresh start and a day to get their act together and get back on #lifegoals. Sort of like a mini-New Year’s each week.” Regardless of the hype on instagram for today being #BlueMonday, you’re always the star of the show. YOUR day is what YOU make it. Remember to be kind to yourself and love yourself nomatter the season. And checkout our tips below, incase your feeling a little bluesy or “under-the-weather”, like me, ’cause Hey, in AK we all OVER this snowless winter and ready to move on. I don’t know about you…



Be Patient with Yourself. Allow the eb and flow of life to move through you. And move at a comfortable pace. Above all don’t get discouraged! (via Pinterest)



Do Something Spontanious. Try it. It could liven your day. (via pixabay)



Pay Attention to Nature. Slowing down and getting into nature can help calm your mind to a place of zen. Bringing focus to the beauty of Winter can give us a greater appreciation for it. (via pixabay)



Lend A Helping Hand. According to, volunteering has many benefits to both mental and physical health including: increases self-confidence, provides a sense of purpose, combats depression, and helps you stay physically healthy. (via pixabay)



Cozy Up By the Fireplace With Good Friends. “Companionship provided by friends may ward off depression, boost self-esteem, and provide support”, according to webmd. (via



And If All Else Fails… Insert Tequila to begin?…

You Could Always Pretend. If the you’ve caught the Winter Blues, try imagining Summer! That’s right. Spray your floral Summery scents, put on your Regaee Summertime music, flip on your shades, take a trip to your local sauna, and have yourself a Summertime drink! (via pixabay)


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