7 Free SECRET Menu Apps For Your Favorite Fooderies

Author: Jennifer Boykin

Tired of seeing the same ole’ menu at your favorite eateries? Do you mosey up to the counter, or drive-thru, looking for something creative and fresh to jump out at you? Download these Free Apps from Itunes and get in on the secret menu items that you’ve been missing out on. Some participating restaurants get these orders on the regular and will recognize these mix-match menu items by name. Who knows, you may even come up with a few of your own!


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1. STARBUCKS: It’s no surprise, as popular as Starbucks is, that they have 3 Secret Menu Apps for download in the Free Category alone. I singled out this gem based on reviews, ratings, and downloads. This app features hundreds of secret drink recipes like The Peach Cobbler, Snickerdoodle, and S’mores.

You can get creative and submit your own concoctions to be featured on the app as well. Not sure how to order? No worries, the app has a drop down menu that walks you through the ordering process. Never order the same boring drink again! Unless, you want to of course.


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2. CHIPOTLE: Deemed the Instagram of Chipotle Lovers, this is more of social network than a secret menu App. This app is designed so that Chipotle fans can share pictures, videos, and messages of their incredible Chipotle mowing experience. Chat with other burrito connoisseurs and catch the scoop on secret menu items such as: The Simplecto, The Burritodilla, The Quesarito, and Nachos.


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3. TACO BELL: Hack this Taco Bell Secret Menu and join the exclusive club. Enjoy specialty menu items created by customers like you. Getting tired of the same ole’ Chalupa? Why not try the Cheesarito, Double Grilled Quesadilla, or The Incredible Hulk. Each menu item comes with a picture and a full description. The downside to this app is that they require you to rate it 5 stars in order to access the full menu. So, not really sure how accurate that 4+stars rating is.


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4. McDONALD’S: I decided to include this one since so many of you are phenes for Mickey D’s, although I haven’t been much of a fan since I bit into a partially frozen chicken nugget in my Happy Meal years ago, but that’s another story. Hack this secret menu to find McDonald’s fresh options for burgers, desserts, and sandwiches. Some of these items are even more popular than some of the regular ones including, The Chicken McGrindle, Buscuits and Gravy, and Fries with Mac Sauce. Ever wonder what would happen if The McDouble and The McChicken had a baby? Introducing: The McGangbang ($2). Each menu item features a picture and instructions on how to order, incase you get confused.


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5. PANERA BREAD: Fresh made bread, gourmet dressings and salads, what’s not to love? It all sounds good but why not try something new for lunch? Choose from an array of healthy menu options including, various Breakfast Bowls and a Mediterranean Chicken Salad. Each item gives a detailed description and the number of calories in the item. Unlike most other Secret Menu Apps, Panera Bread actually advertises this one themselves. Claims to have “a delicious assortment of low-calorie, high protein meals.”


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6. OFF THE MENU: If you love trying new places and food then you’ll adore this app. “Off The Menu” acts as a catalogue for restaurants with secret menus organized by your location. It features menus in 16 cities in the US and Canada. Cities included are Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, and New Orleans. The guide offers extremely diverse options for any budget ranging from fast food, to Mom & Pop’s, to exclusive bars and restaurants.


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7. SECRET MENU FOR… : If you love lots of fast food options then try this all-inclusive secret menu app. Like “Off The Menu”, this app offers up hundreds of secret menu items from all your favorite fast food restaurants. Scope out secret recipes from popular dining options such as Subway, KFC, Shake Shack, Starbucks, Five Guys, and more.

Found a secret menu that isn’t included here? Tell us what you think! Comment below.


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