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“Connected Parents. Connected Children. Peaceful World.” (via


Introducing Small Business Owner and “Divine Mother”, Dr. Patricia Mather! What a living role model she is by fulfilling her higher purpose, Spreading Peace:

  1. Making Baby Hammocks: Besides being a mother and grandmother to about 13 kiddos, Dr. Patricia Mather is also a Naturopathic Doctor/Physician, Mid-Wife, AND…Seamstress! Talk about patience! Patricia made her first hammock for her grandchild. After seeing what an amazing transitioning tool this hammock became for babies, the creation of “Special Delivery Baby Hammocks” was born. Each hammock is hand sewn with love right on the Big Island in Hawaii. The goal is to “provide high-quality hammocks at an affordable price, while providing employment opportunities for mothers.” Happy mom; happy baby. Her hammock motto is “Helping your baby get the rest they need while transitioning…from Womb to World.” It really is “the perfect rest nest”. And she is also the owner of Pacific Holistics Inc., improving health with safe, natural, and botanical formulations. (via facebook)


2. Hiring Moms to Make the Hammocks: Seamstress moms, just like you and me, make the hammocks in their homes so that they can be home with their children while making an income. Parents in the home with children more often equals = connected families which equals = more peaceful interactions between parents and children. These mothers have a personal interest in their hammocks; their babies sleep in them. Each hammock is made with Love. (via facebook)


3. From Womb to World: It could possibly be a foreign thing to you, but baby hammocks are not new to the World and have provided soothing rest for babies for centuries. “The Special Delivery Baby Hammock has been specifically designed to help transition babies from womb to world by replicating the familiar curved, caressing shape and relaxing motion experienced by babies in the womb, as their mother moved throughout her day. The soft contours of the Hammock cradle the baby, reducing strain on baby’s spine and nerves, while maintaining the natural primary curve of the spine.” The slight incline in the design of a hammock can help with discomfort associated with “colic” and reflux, as advocated by Dr. Sears. I mostly love that the spring is motion activated so when baby starts stirring, it naturally rocks him/her back to sleep.

Is your baby starting to roll over? No worries, they’re designed with a breathable, 100% Cotton, material and a flannel lining. There are pages of colors to choose from to fit your fancy, and it’ll run you $105 or $115 for Organic Cotton. Each hammock is one of a kind, but they can also make you a custom hammock if you send them the material. Only takes about a week or two after they receive it. It comes with a chain to hang from a hook, and a spring connected with a workload of 85 lbs! All you need is to secure the hook in and it’s GTG. It doesn’t come with a stand but I’ve seen pics of people who made their own or used regular hammock stand. (via


4. Loving All Children Unconditionally: Dr. Mather believes that the it only takes one generation of children to change the world. And the well-being of the child begins in the womb, and in the home. Hence her hunger for making the transition from Womb to World A great one! Her belief in gentle birth and connection parenting explains her desire to become a Mid-Wife. She says in her video that it’s important to love your children unconditionally, but that’s not enough. We MUST love ALL children as if they are our own UNCONDITIONALLY. This is how we create Heaven on Earth. It’s through the children. (via Facebook)


5. Using The Aloha Breath: Reconnecting with loved ones through sight, focus, touch, and breath, we allow ourselves to really relax and become accepting in another’s presence. At the end of the video (at the top of this page), Dr. Mather shows us how to use the Aloha Breath to synchronize our breath and connect or reconnect with one another. Spreading Peace and Love throughout, Dr. Mather is a supporter of businesses and artists on The Big Island. She evokes self-awareness and focuses her intentions on being in her natural and original state of being. She says each morning when she wakes she reconnects with herself through 7 channels, and starts her day with gratitude. She says that we need to tell ourselves to stay in our hearts. We have to constantly ask ourselves, “Am I responding from a place of Love? Or a place of Fear? Move towards love. Get into your heart.” (via


6. She Serves Her Purpose On Earth: Dr. Mather AKA “The Divine Mother”, feels as if she is on her chosen path and is lovingly fulfilling her higher purpose. If you watched the interview video at the top of this Post, she says that she had drumroll… not ONE, but TWO…immaculate conceptions! That’s right that’s like the “Mother Mary, Jesus scenario” in Biblical Times. But she believes it was just “a way in” for spirit to lead her towards her higher calling. (via facebook)


7. She Focuses On The 3 C’s to Create this Earthly Heaven: She says when it comes to Peaceful Relations (especially with children), she keeps herself in check with these 3 C words:

Connection: First you have to center and ground yourself, regulate your breathing and stay calm. You need to ignore a person’s behavior (nomatter how ‘effed up it looks), remain chill, and gaze into their eyes. Get on their level and show them that you are really trying to “see”/understand them. Ask them “What’s going on?” Tell them to get into their heart.

Clarity: Be clear and concise. Allow the person room to express emotion, and give them that sacred space. Explain the game rules. Kids are smart and will know if you’re trying to coerce or manipulate them.

Communication: She says it’s important to respond and not re-act to behavior. We have a response-ability to choose a response. Now, while Connected, Clearly Communicate what you see and as the person if he/she is ready to move that emotion into their heart. Ask them how their heart feels. If all is well… are they ready to return to their natural state of being? If they are crying support that, and ask the child to go ahead and “spill their teacup.” Sometimes we just need a good cry. We just use these events as an outlet for expressing emotions. So you’re helping children recognize their own emotions. (via facebook)


8. She Encourages Healthy Connections in Others: Dr. Mather thinks that making healthy connections is what life’s all about and so do we! That’s why Dr. Mather blogs about health, connection parenting, birth, and pregnancy and shares other helpful articles. She leads with the philosophy that “health is our birthright.” “Using clinical experience, she builds and expands upon the growing body of research in the areas of Clinical Nutrition, Botanical Medicine, Classical Homeopathy, Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, & Mind-Body healing.” (via


I personally LOVE what Dr. Mather stands for and have enjoyed using her hammock for our little Dalia. I went with the whimsical print for her first one. Dr. Mather even sent a personal email when I ordered the hammock, saying hello and telling me that she has family up in Alaska.

I think Dalia’s about a month old in the first pic and maybe 3 or 4 months old in the second one. She’s 7 months now and still sleeps in it. She’s almost the size of an 18 month old now so I’ll be needing to move up to the Toddler-Size soon for 25-80 lbs.


And a couple of photos from My Dalia’s Homebirth:
IMG-WHYFOMO-DALIA-BIRTH-POOLThis one was taken in our living room about 1 hour before I pushed her out.


And here we are finally! In this photo I’m saying, “We did it baby! We did it!” Was it painful? Yes. But sometimes, Love hurts. And it was so worth it. She was born in our living room in Alaska on Summer Solstice/Father’s Day!


This is her now at 7 months : )         (via Instagram and Facebook)

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