Elvis Presley’s Estate Auction And Its Most Outrageously Obscure Items

Author: Jennifer Boykin

Incase you have serious FOMO about it, “The King of Rock and Roll” had an estate sale ending yesterday with over 200 items up for bid on ebay and invaluable.com. If Elvis were still alive, he would be celebrating his 81st birthday today and would be “worth a staggering $300 Million Dollars“, according to foodworldnews.com.

His daughter, “Lisa Marie Presley, is keeping Graceland but selling the bulk of the Elvis estate, including rights to her father’s name and image, in a deal worth approximately $100 million“, today.com. Wait ’til you see what some of these items sold for:


HANDWRITTEN ARMY LETTER: SOLD for $35,000. Elvis Presley 2 page handwritten letter in 1958 to friend Alan Fortas “Hog Ears” (pictured behind Elvis) while “The King” was in the Army and stationed in Germany. All Elvis talks about is how he can’t wait to get out and get home because he’s so lonely and there’s nothing to do. (via auction.graceland.com & via Pinterest)


PRESCRIPTION SUNGLASSES: SOLD for $27,500. Elvis Presley’s 1970s Nautic Neostyle Prescription Sunglasses made specifically for him with the band’s “TCB” (taking care of business) logo on it. Can we say P.I.M.P.? (via auction.graceland.com)


INDIAN HEAD GOLD RING: SOLD for $22,500. 1914 Indian Head gold 2 & 1/2-dollar coin with 1 carat diamonds. Owned and worn by Elvis himself until he gifted it to manager Tom Hulett. Elvis was an avid ring wearer, especially those made of sapphires or coins. (via auction.graceland.com)


14kt TCB NECKLACE: SOLD for $11,875. Elvis gave these lightening bolt “Taking Care of Business” necklaces to his closest squad members. 14kt Gold “TCB” Necklace gifted to Sam Thompson, bodyguard, and brother of Elvis’s girlfriend Linda Thompson. (via auction.graceland.com)


HAREM HOLIDAY ROBE: SOLD for $11,250. 1965 Colonel Tom Parker Harem Holiday Robe worn by Elvis on the set of Harum Scarum, the film in which Elvis starred as Johnny Tyrone who found himself in a heap of trouble in the Middle East. (via auction.graceland.com)


SIGNED HOTEL STATIONARY: SOLD for $6,875. Elvis Presley signed hotel stationary in 1972 for Detective Casey T. Mroczkowski who was assigned concert duty. Before the show, Elvis invited the detective into his room and autographed this collection of 4 hotel stationary for him and each of the his family members. Talk about expensive paper! (via auction.graceland.com)

Written by: Jennifer Boykin

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