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Sunday we said goodbye to recently 69-year-old David Bowie AKA Ziggy Stardust as fans know him. Bowie will be remembered not only for his record productions & legendary albums but also as a dramatic artist, a timeless trendsetter and more. According to statements on his social media accounts, Bowie had been battling cancer for 18 months.

On David Bowie Live Chat Transcription in 1999,

QueerByChoice asks Bowie: “If you die will you come back and visit us like Elvis?
“David Bowie: Bless you.”
“David Bowie: I love thee ‘IF you die…….’”
“MartianDust: come to my house first”
“David Bowie: IF I die I will come to your house first…”

After covering Graceland’s Estate Sale on Elvis Presley’s birthday, and then the death of David Bowie only 2 days later, we thought it was only fitting to make a comparison checklist of these shocking similarities between the infamous Elvis Presley and oh so loved, David Bowie:


THEY SHARE THE SAME BIRTHDAY! Dude…they were born to rock! Both of these Rock icons were born on January 8th. Mr. Bowie turned 69 this year while Presley would have been 81. These Capricorns also share birthdays with Stephen Hawking and R. Kelly. (via & via


THEY’VE BOTH BEEN ARRESTED: Bowie was booked in 1976 for drug possession and Presley in 1974 for a failure to appear to court for a parking citation. (via Tumblr)


THEIR MUSIC WAS INFLUENCED BY DOGS: It goes without saying that Presley’s music had quite the impact of Bowie’s music, style, and career. Bowie was inspired in the 60’s by watching his cousin get up and move to the sound of “Hound Dog”. In 1974, Bowie came out with his own dog inspired single…“Diamond Dogs“. (via & via


ROCK & ROLL ROYALTY: Elvis- the undisputed “King of Rock & Roll” and Bowie, well, sometimes considered “The Queen of Rock” (move over Stevie Nicks), both pop music artists/fashion-icons. Pictured above, David Bowie put his own artsy spin on “The King’s” look. (via, via


FASHIONISTAS: Both Presley and Bowie set trends well ahead of their time. They weren’t afraid to take risks with music, fashion, dancing, acting, humor, oh and don’t forget the hair! They were the “Lady Gagas” of their time when it came to pushing the envelope. Bowie wore some of the most outrageous costumes and makeup of all time, and Elvis pushed the envelope wearing pink shirts and socks, bling and flare. It was rumored that Elvis quit wearing denim because it reminded him of his poor days. (via & via

David Bowie you will be missed.

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